Tainted Bloodlines

where romance

runs deep like blood


The Sweetest of All is Forbidden Love


In the spring of 1462, the Ottoman Empire invaded Wallachia to destroy the infamous Vlad the Impaler. During the brutal invasion, Vlad’s pregnant queen, Ilona, rather than be captured or killed, leaped from the castle, sacrificing herself and Vlad’s last heir. Enraged at the loss of his beloved and child, Vlad took his anger out on an innocent Turkish maiden in his dungeon. Through this unholy union, a child was conceived.

After her father and brother’s gruesome murders, Amara Dama, the last living descendant of the infamous Romanian King Vlad the Impaler, is kidnapped by members of a secret vampiric coven who have hunted down and eliminated Vlad’s illegitimate bloodline for centuries. After the mysterious and alluring Varkin Salvator rescues her from the coven’s grasp, he plunges her into a terrifying cat-and-mouse game across Europe, where every corner they turn could be their last.

While on the run, a suppressed power rises within Amara, drawing yet another formidable force determined to separate the star-crossed lovers. When Amara’s power finally manifests, it shakes the very foundations of heaven and hell and, for better or worse, changes her and Varkin forever.


Love You Would Die For


Forced into vampiric servitude as a sacrifice for helping the woman he loved to escape, Varkin Salvator vowed to protect his first love’s posterity for eternity. For centuries, he secretly sabotaged his coven’s plots to eradicate the tainted bloodline of the infamous Romanian King Vlad the Impaler. He avoided any emotional connections to the beautiful women who reminded him so much of his lost love until something about Amara Dama drew him in like a moth to a flame.

When Amara’s family is murdered, and she becomes the last true descendant of Vlad’s illegitimate bloodline, Varkin risks everything to get her to Europe and as far away from the coven’s most ruthless hunters as he can. Getting close to Amara is dangerous for both of them, but as they cross Europe, Varkin finds himself intoxicated by her presence. His first love cost him mortality. This new love may come at an even greater cost.

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