The Book Whisperer


Austin hates reading books. What’s worse, his father is a librarian. He would rather deal with mountains of homework, being picked last for the P.E. team, and the bullies at school than crack open a book. But, after his father disappears inside the town library and Austin finds a mysterious note from him under his bed, he is determined to break inside the library and go through every book there to find clues.

Once inside the library, Austin discovers that like his father, he is a book whisperer and portals to the lands of Imaginopia are just a page turn away. Austin learns that living, breathing beings really do exist, hidden from human eyes, just inside the pages of the books he used to hate, and they’re all in desperate trouble. The darkness of The Empty is taking over their world, and if he does not complete the Quest of Life, his father, and his new friends will cease to exist in their world and ours.

Coming Soon!

— May 2025 —


I don’t have much time. I’m being followed by a soldier from The Empty. I think it was sent here to kill me. If I go missing, get to the library, open the books, and start reading. They will tell you what to do. Find your courage. Be brave.

— Dad